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Can a silicone wristband unite thousands of fathers across the country to actively transform their families and communities? Daddy Everyday Inc. thinks so. 100K Dads Strong is the brainchild of Author Delonso Barnes, Director of Daddy Everyday Inc., a 501 (c) (3) fatherhood outreach program. 100,000 Dads Strong Wristband Campaign is all about fathers bonding with their families, volunteering in their community and creating a legacy for themselves. I know what you are thinking. Okay, I get the mission but “how” (probably in your Kanye West voice). The stylist wristband represents Connect, Service and Legacy. Purchasing the wristbands is your commitment to actively pursuing the three objectives. Our hope is for fathers to wear the band and engage our fathers they see wearing the silicone wristband. As well as create awareness for the importance of fathers by acting as a spokesperson when asked about the wristband.   

When you purchase the wristband, you will receive the Connect, Service & Legacy eBook, displaying ways you can achieve the objectives and where to get additional support. Fathers will also receive the Daddy Everyday Newsletter, featuring events, resources and actionable tips you can immediately use to aid you in fatherhood. Once our 100,000 fathers goal is reached, proceeds will be used to create workshops (conducted nationwide and online), 1000 Fresh Start For Dads books will be donated to incarcerated fathers, 1000 Daddy Up Course administered for free, 25 Family Fun Events, Daddy Everyday mobile app launch , fatherhood podcast and much more.

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When it comes to legacy, ask yourself these questions. What will people say about me when I’m gone? How will my life’s work affect generations to come? How will my children remember me, and the impact I how on them? Sign up for the newsletter to receive information on how to leave an impactful legacy. And stay tuned to this page for additional resources.

100,000 Dads Strong (100K Dads Strong) 

How One Dad's Love and Understanding Of The Importance Of Fatherhood Will Change A Nation.

This website will be your sources to accomplish your fatherhood goals and beyond. We are in the funding process so give us a little time to get things together. 

100,000 Dads Strong will change the landscape of Fatherhood. May 14th it begins...

You can purchase the 100K Dads Strong Wristband right here. Share this with others dads that you think are up for the commitment.

100,000 Dads Strong Pledge
I, ____________________________________________________, pledge to be the best father I can possible be, a mentor to other fathers and a leader in my community. And with this pledge, I will do my best to learn new things, nurture my relationships and actively improve my emotional, physical and financial health. I will accomplish my commitments to this pledge by doing the following:

I will positively engage with my family on a daily basis with love and support. Even if my relationships aren’t ideal.
I will mentor and learn from other fathers. 
I honor and understand my role as a father and will act accordingly.
I will develop and maintain to a workout regime to maintain a healthy life. 
I will do a weekly review of my finances to ensure a positive financial status.
I will volunteer at least once a month. A dollar, an hour, whatever I am able to do to positively help others. 
I will ensure my family maintains a proper diet. Regular checkups as well.
I will live a life of no excuses. I accept responsibility for all my actions.
I will remove myself from negative people and situations. Positivity is a lifestyle and I will thrive in it. 

Get the 100K Wristband and receive the Connect, Service & Legacy eBook for ways to achieve your commitment in fatherhood. 

100K Dads Strong Pledge

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The importance of a father connecting with his family can't be stressed enough. Studies show, a lack of a positive father connection, is connected to many social ills in our communities including teen pregnancy, crime, high school dropouts  and more. We can combat these social issues by being more involved fathers. Daddy Everyday will empower you with the tools to move you from good father to a great father. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for additional resources. 

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If you know about the 100K Dads Strong Campaign, get your wristband here. If you haven't heard about it, read below.


The Pledge
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To improve our communities, fathers have to be more engaged in it. However, volunteering does more than just help the community, it can be socially, physically and financially beneficial to you. Volunteering establishes strong professional relationships, healthier lifestyle and gives you a sense of purpose. Visit this site and sign up for the newsletter for ways to volunteer and upcoming volunteering events.