Phase 2 (2020)

1. Graduate 10,000 Georgia Dads from Fathering In 15 Course.

2. Host 100 Workshops and Events throughout Georgia. 

Phase 3

Coming Soon...

Our Vision

DEI Phases 

Phase 1 (Current)

1. Raise $25,000 to kickoff workshops, events and course throughout Georgia.

2. Signup 10,000 Georgia Dads for Fathering In 15 Course 

Phase 4

Coming Soon...

After publishing his first book in 2013, Daddy Everyday: Rewriting the Black American Dad Story (First Edition), Delonso Barnes entered the arena of public speaking and mentorship. Through his efforts, Barnes discovered that he has a passion for fatherhood— coming from the love and dedication he has for his own boys. The success of Daddy Everyday has inspired Barnes to form the non-profit organization Daddy Everyday Inc. Through this new entrepreneurial path; Barnes has fostered a fatherhood outreach program based in McDonough, Georgia. Daddy Everyday Inc. provides helpful advice for parents, empowering them with the necessary resources to help fathers to engage in family strengthening events & activities. Among Barnes’ areas of focus include encouraging parents and students alike to support schools and educators— teaching fathers to become proactive in their children’s education. 


Director's Bio

Daddy Everyday Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit fatherhood program based in McDonough, Georgia with plans on serving all fathers nationwide. Our mission is to end fatherlessness in Georgia by empowering fathers with the tools and resources needed to positively impact their children and community.