Daddy Everyday Inc.

Daddy Up Course/Workshop
Empowering Educated & Knowledgeable Fathers

The Daddy Up Course was created and designed to equip fathers with the self- awareness, modern day fathering, compassion, and sense of responsibility that every great dad needs. For the most part, we are doing all that we can to be good dads, but in today’s society we need to get additional information to keep up with this changing world. Over a dozen topics will be covered, including:

Family Life / Marriage / Finance / Health

Child Development / Personal Development

After a topic is covered, key questions will be asked of each father to test for understand of the topic. Upon completion of the Daddy Everyday Course, all graduates will receive a Daddy Everyday Certificate to display their dedication and commitment to fatherhood excellence.

Attention: Principals, Parent Liaisons, Educators and Nonprofits

If you are interested in bringing Students/Educators Recognition Program, Daddy Everyday Inc. Affiliate/ Fundraising Program or the Daddy Up Course/Workshops to your school or organization, please fill out the contact form. Indicate your school or organization name in the subject line. We look forward to working with you.

Fundraising With Daddy Everyday Inc.
Daddy Everyday Inc. offers books, journals t-shirts and wristbands for your fundraising needs. Three options are available for your organization.

Live Fundraising Events
If you are hosting a fundraising event and are in need of inspiring and empowering products to sell, Daddy Everyday Inc. has you covered. We will supply and deliver our products to your event and you will receive 40% of the sales from the products.

Order Sheet
This option allows you to distribute order forms for our products to your friends, family and supporters. You would then collect the forms and money by the predetermined due date. We will deliver the products for you to distribute and you will receive 40% of sales.

Affiliate Program
Our Affiliate Program is an excellent way to raise money without organizing events. The program works like this; request a Promo Code from us and when people us your Promo Code for their online purchases from our website, you will receive 20% of sales. You will be paid monthly through your PayPal account, which you must open. It’s quite simple and we will supply you with additional marketing tools to promote your Promo Code.

*Preview products at the "Our Books" page on site and (search Delonso Barnes).

Daddy Everyday Inc. Programs

Students/Educators Recognition Program 

Educators need to be showed appreciation more often than the traditional “Teacher Appreciation Week”. A job well done should be recognized and rewarded often. Daddy Everyday Inc. plans to create and donate gifts to the students and educators of participating schools on a monthly basis. Our goal is to at the least contribute these gifts to one educator and three worthy students monthly. As participation and involvement from the parents increase, as will the number of monthly honorees.

In addition to the monthly recognition rewards, we plan to routinely provide special days throughout the school year to show our appreciation to our educators. These special days will include doughnut days, thank you letters from parents, parent assistants for educators and more. Gifts from Daddy Everyday Inc. sponsors will also be included.

Family Fun Events
The purpose of our monthly Family Fun Events is to provide busy families with fun family-themed activities. Hosting these events at school allows for building a connection with students, parents and educators. There will also be community events that families will be able to get involved in to build a stronger community appreciation. The events listed below will be developed and created with the support and partnership of the Parent Liaison and Principal of participating schools.

Events hosted by Daddy Everyday Inc. include:
Movie Night
Date Night/Kids Night Out
Family Game Night
I Love My Neighborhood Cleanup
Dads Involvement Week