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Do you want to help incarcerated fathers reconnect with their families and have a fresh start?

I am Delonso Barnes, author of "Fresh Start for Dads, Reconnecting After Prison & Absenteeism (Second Edition)" and director of Daddy Everyday Inc., a fatherhood empowerment non-profit organization. Starting March 24 through June 20, 2021 (Father’s Day), I will be conducting a book donation drive with a goal of donating 1,000 copies of “Fresh Start” to incarcerated dads in Georgia Prisons.

The WHY. Reconnecting with loved ones after being gone for any amount of time is a tough experience, especially if one were to add seeking employment, housing and overall adjusting to life on the outside into the mix. It makes what is already a tough situation into a nearly impossible mission. Therefore, "Fresh Start for Dads" aides and guide fathers towards the right steps and mindset needed to endure and accomplish this mission.

100% of funds raised will be used to purchase books and create resources for incarcerated fathers. Additional funds raised will be utilized to distribute more books, as well as develop workshops, counseling sessions and mentorship programs for fathers. I am also partnering with other nonprofits to create a network throughout Georgia to empower fathers, encourage our children and engage our communities. 

The Book. Fresh Start for Dads was written for the incarcerated father or recently released father looking to establish and develop a relationship with his child, and getting his life going in a positive direction. Being an incarcerated father creates a challenging situation in an already difficult task of fatherhood. Not only does the father have to deal with the negative impact prison has mentally and societally, but also the impact incarceration has on a child and the range of emotions they go through. Loss, fear, confusion, abandonment, and anger are just a few emotions a child may experience. You have to work on repairing your child as well as yourself; Fresh Start for Dads will assist you in both. In this book you will:
Learn how to reconnect with your child 
Finding employment 
How to keep a positive outlook 
Understanding child development 
Parenting tips 
How to prepare for your release.

I thank you all in advance for making my mission of helping fathers and families, your mission. Check back here often for updates on this surely amazing journey.