Daddy Everyday Inc. have created some amazing workshops and courses for fathers to empower, encourage and engage in their fatherhood journey. Let's Talk Dads, Destroying The Stereotype, Give Us 5, Dads and Other Workshops coming soon... 

Daddy Everyday Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit fatherhood program based in McDonough, Georgia with plans on serving all fathers nationwide. Our mission is to improve the well-being of families and communities through empowering fathers by equipping them with the tools and resources need to positively impact their children and community. 
​Daddy Everyday Inc’s vision is to introduce and prepare fathers and the world for the “New Era Of Fatherhood”. The tools, resources and assistance we will offer fathers will allow them to flourish in the renewed role of fathers, while strengthen our families and communities. Now, a word about the Director of Daddy Everyday, Delonso Barnes.

After publishing his first book in 2013, Daddy Everyday: Rewriting the Black American Dad Story, Delonso Barnes entered the arena of public speaking and mentorship. Through his efforts, Barnes discovered that he has a passion for fatherhood— coming from the love and dedication he has for his own boys. The success of Daddy Everyday has inspired Barnes to form the non-profit organization Daddy Everyday Inc. Through this new entrepreneurial path; Barnes has fostered a fatherhood outreach program based in McDonough, Georgia. Daddy Everyday Inc. provides helpful advice for parents, empowering them with the necessary resources to help fathers to engage in family strengthening events & activities. Among Barnes’ areas of focus include encouraging parents and students alike to support schools and educators— teaching fathers to become proactive in their children’s education. 
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We have created and published a collection of books for the fathers, mothers, children and more. Visit our bookstore or shop (Delonso Barnes)
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Our Workshops and Daddy Up Courses are created and designed to give dads actionable information to better serve them for their new roles in the New Era of Fatherhood. Several topics are discussed in this workshops & courses including child development, fathering skills, men’s health, financial responsibility and much more. We will conduct discussion group meetings to gather additional info on their needs.

Educators need to be showed appreciation more often than the traditional “Teacher Appreciation Week”, That's why we created Student/Educator Recognition Program. Daddy Everyday Inc. plans to create and donate gifts to the students and educators of participating schools on a weekly basis. Our goal is to contribute these gifts to one educator and their class weekly. Parents participation & Sponsorship will increase the number of weekly honorees.

As our funding and outreach increase, our resources and services will increase. A few of the additional resources we  will make available to fathers and their families will include a Daddy Everyday Mobile App, interactive website, tutoring service and a weekly podcast. In addition, we will host free Family Fun Events such as Date Night/Kids Night Out, Game Night, Movie Night and much more.

Daddy Everyday Inc. several book titles published for all members of the family that will entertain, empower and engage them. In addition we have a clothing line that displays your pride in parenthood. See links below to browse the bookstore and checkout the fashion. 

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We are determined to have an impacted in every community we are a part of. That's why we created several programs and humanitarian activities to ensure a positive improve in lives. 
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Parenthood isn't just a term meaning you are a father or mother. It's a mindset and lifestyle. Wear your pride. 
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