The Road To 5000

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Daddy Everyday Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit fatherhood program based in McDonough, Georgia with plans on serving all fathers nationwide. Our mission is to end fatherlessness in Georgia by empowering fathers with the tools and resources needed to positively impact their children and community.


The goal of The Road To 5000 is to sell 5000 copies of our books to fund our fatherhood workshops, family fun events and Fathering In 15 Course. These workshops and events will empower fathers and strengthen family and community bonds. Use the links below to support our efforts. 

Our Bookstore

We have a dozen empowering workshops and family-themed events we want to bring to schools, libraries and communities throughout Georgia. Visit to see the books we published, that has already started changing lives. Book purchases are how we fund our events and projects.